Production capabilities

At Nicholas James (UK) Ltd we have a vast array of equipment to ensure that we can produce a wide variety of cosmetic and toiletry products.  Our capabilities are very flexible and this allows us to tailor our service for each and every customer that we manufacture for. We specialise in offering you our complete service, from manufacture of the bulk, filling, labelling and packaging through to distribution. However, we are equally happy discuss with you any combination of these services in order to achieve a successful relationship.


Recent investment in our mixing room has created a high quality and very well-equipped mixing area here at Nicholas James. Our water treatment plant provides our mixing room the best quality water for use in your products.  We possess 2 large mixing vessels, a 1250 Litre Surmet and a 1000 Litre Skerman.  These versatile vessels provide us the high capacity, keeping waiting times down to a minimum.  Our broad capability and flexibility is achieved by complementing these machines with smaller high shear and Silverson mixers.  From hot-mix products like creams and lotions to cold-mix products like shampoos and gels. We can also manufacture lipbalms, shaving cream, anti-perspirant / deodorants, suncare, insect repellents and much more.


The continued investment in our production facilities has ensured we have a full range of filling, labelling and packing capabilities.  We have 9 filling lines, including fully automated multi head lines.  A 6-head production line solely for mouthwash and a 4-head line with the ability to fill anything from a thin liquid to a thick cream into a bottle of your choice.  We also have 2 state-of-the-art Norden tube filling units producing plastic tubes of any size between between 3ml and 250ml.  Our flexibility and range is maintained by integrating other smaller, less automated machines.  
We have several labelling machines in our portfolio that extend to cover the whole range of labelling requirements that you may need.  We also have a fully automated cartoning machine for those premium level products.


We know that this can be a difficult part of the production cycle. Many primary packaging items are only available in high volumes, this can be a drawback for many projects. We believe we can work with you, using our expertise and contacts throughout the industry to find a solution. We feel that our flexibility is what will ensure more of our customers will find success with their products.