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Here at Nicholas James our flexibility ensures we can develop tailored skincare solutions to meet the broad range of consumer needs. Moisturisers, Serums, Exfoliating Scrubs, Clay Masks, Cleansers, Washes, Chemical Exfoliators, Toners, Gels, Balms and a whole lot more. We can turn our craft to everything from effective and functional, price sensitive product lines right through to premium, high active products looking to utilise the very latest in cosmetic technology. We can bespoke our service to partner with you.


We realise that Oral Care is a specialist sector and so we have a dedicated production suite for mouthwash. We have a comprehensive choice of approved formulations including Anti-Cavity, 6-in-1, Original, Sensitive and Whitening.


We can also make your own formula or indeed create one for you. We currently have capability for 500ml and 750ml size bottles but our suite is flexible enough to handle an extensive range of fill volumes. Happy to fulfil small to medium sized production runs.


A niche and historical corner of the personal care market. We can provide a range of products including, intensive moisturisers, dry and cracked skin creams, foot gels, scrubs and soaks, rough skin removers and hard skin reducing balms.


A comprehensive set of functional and effective products to meet anyone’s budget.

Skilled in the manufacture of a whole range of hair care products from shampoos and conditioners right through to styling aids including gels, waxes and pomades. Blessed with personnel having the dexterity to adapt formulations in order to meet individual requirements and budgets, combined with the talent to create and manufacture such particular products, we are very well equipped to meet the demands of a competitive sector.


Our development team can create a range of hand and nail care products for you. We produce everyday hand washes and creams along with intensive moisturisers and salves to target the signs of ageing or their demanding use.


We can also call upon specialist actives to focus on the nails and cuticles to provide the hands the highest level of care.

An area where no compromise can be made. We are specialists in creating sensitive products delivering gentle and effective function to the specific requirements of the sector.


High quality, trusted ingredients, combined within a professional manufacturing facility, provide you the confidence to assure your customers of the distinction of your brand.


In a continually growing market we have the capability to manufacture a whole range of products tailored for both the modern and traditional man. From old-style soft soaps for use with a shaving brush through to contemporary shaving gels, skin care creams, post shave balms, eye creams, beard oils and whole lot more.

We have the skill and experience to formulate and 
manufacture them all, tailor-made to meet the particular demands of this market.

Mothers and babies have diverse requirements that they need from their personal care products, as professional manufacturers we create mild, gentle yet effective products for the most delicate of skin’s.


Baby oils, lotions and washes for our children and an entire library of personal care products for mum, to take her through pregnancy and into motherhood. 

MUM & BABY.jpg

At Nicholas James our knowledgeable and creative team can formulate a whole variety of product formats. From indulgent body cleansers and bath oils to body scrubs and creams, providing real depth to a brands offering.

Our capabilities include a hot fill line that is designed to handle hot pour products like anti-perspirant and deodorant sticks. Proficient in producing sticks from 10ml to 125ml and in any shape or size that we can source.


We also have the capacity for roll-on products again across the full range of fill sizes. Labelled or printed, we team up with the best packaging supply partners that provide quality packs to any specification.


Creams, lotions, solids and liquids can be filled in to tubes, bottles, sprays or sticks across a whole range of fill sizes. Our robust quality system and ability to handle critical processes lends itself perfectly to the manufacture of sun care products. These rely on accurate weighing and rigorous protocols to ensure consistent, repeatable and reliable product manufacture so that product claims are assured each and every time.

The modern lifestyle includes the desire to look after ourselves well, not only in the salon and spa but at home too.


We can create the most complete pampering product experiences whether that be direct to the spas themselves or developed to take the same indulgence in to the home with the individual consumer.


Our flexible manufacturing lines can be tailored for filling small volume fills that would be associated with such a branch of our industry. 10ml through 100ml sizes are no fuss. clear, amber, green, blue, black or white glass bottles, closed with droppers, pipettes or anything else, again no problem.


We have a range of quality oil suppliers that manufacture and supply the highest quality oils. From large quantities of commodity oils down to small quantities of the most rare, most with processing options to meet the exact requirement of your product.

Given our broad range of quality suppliers we have access to a whole variety of natural and organic materials. Whether it be essential or vegetable oils, butters, extracts or maybe even certified materials through Ecocert, Soil Association or Cosmos.


Our suppliers are experts in this area promoting ethical, sustainable and responsible supplier links, right through to the people who farm these materials at source, giving exceptional provenance to these materials and ultimately your product.


We have a long standing history of manufacturing insect repellent formulations. We can create gels, roll-ons, creams, sticks or sprays using approved natural or chemical repellents. 

Feel free to challenge us with your requirements to see how we can satisfy your demand.

A fast growing and broadening industry. The desire to pamper our pets has led to a whole range of products created specifically for our furry friends.


We are happy to use our expertise to manufacture your pet products to the same exacting standards that we would for anything else that we manufacture.

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