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Our team ensure that all of your products are supported by the range of technical documents that modern cosmetics require. We are aware that this can be a stressful and time consuming element of bringing a product to market, that is why, when you manufacture with us, we offer the basis of your technical file as standard. 


We provide short term stability trials, ingredient details, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), micro testing of individual batches, artwork compliance review and claim substantiation advice all as part of our standard service. We can also provide assistance in arranging for Safety Assessments, Challenge tests and long term stability trials, where applicable, so that your product information file is able to be compiled with the most detailed and accurate data.


Keeping up-to-date with ever changing regulation, we can ensure that you are kept aware of any changes that may affect you and your product, then working with you to create a solution to keep your brand compliant with the minimal of fuss.

Petri Dishes
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